Homage to Future Crew's tech demo, "Second Reality".​​​​​​​
3 friends formed a team, 2 programmers and 1 artist to develop a unique presentation for a wedding. The tech demo from the 90s entitled Second Reality was a favorite of the Groom.
"So here it is... the project I was working on for my friend's wedding back in April. It's an homage to Future Crew's Second Reality, a demo Bill and I used to really like when we were kids. The wedding was a blast, Bill and Dawn looked great, and an awesome time was had by all. Thanks to Dawn for letting Bill post to YouTube. Thanks to project team members: Chris Johnson, Michael Writhe, and Dayna Bergen, as well as all the friends I ignored so I could get this done!"
— Gary Texmo ( Lead programmer and Project director. )
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